Knitting Pals by the Bay


This year we awarded 3 V.I.P. (Very Important Pal) awards for 2017. All of the awardees have been knitting caps for us since they became a Pal and continue to knit and support our program.

Betsy Carlson joined us in March 2003 and sends
boxes of caps from her home in San Martin on a regular basis. Betsy has been a dedicated friend and supporter; she even recruited her sister, Margaret who resides in New York.

Audrey Dent came on board February 2006 and has been delivering caps on a regular basis. Last couple of years her health has not been too good but it hasnít slowed her down. She continues to knit and now has her daughters drive her to deliver her caps.

Nancy Rushton joined us February 2009 and by far has the most interesting story of all our many pals. Nancy joined us when she was living in England; she found out about our program and just had to participate. Nancy would forward her caps to her daughter, Janet in Cupertino and she would send momís caps to us. Nancy returned to the U.S. and continues to send caps from her home in Los Altos.

We are pleased to add these ladies to our VIP recipients.


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